E flat harmonic minor piano scale

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E Flat Harmonic Minor Piano Scale

Compton Piano StudioThe key of E flat minor and G flat major are related and share the same key signature of 6 flats, B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat and C flat.  E flat minor is known as the relative minor of G flat major; G flat major is known as the relative major of E flat minor.

E flat is the 6th note of the G flat major scale.  The 6th degree of any major scale is always the note which represents the related minor key.

As the keys of G flat major and E flat minor are related to each other, they both share the same key signature of 6 flats.  Therefore the scale of E flat minor, in its most basic, natural form, will share exactly the same notes as G flat major but rather than beginning and ending on G flat (G flat major) will begin and end on E flat (E flat minor).

G flat major:  Gb  Ab  Bb  Cb  Db  Eb  F  Gb

E flat Natural minor: Eb  F  Gb  Ab  Bb  Cb  Db  Eb

To change the natural E flat minor scale into the harmonic E flat minor scale

Take the notes from the natural E flat minor scale and raise the 7th degree, D flat, by one semitone or half step to D natural.   There will still be 6 flats, in the key signature but now D natural will appear as an accidental on the music staff.

E Flat Harmonic Minor Scale:

E flat   F   G flat   A flat   B flat   C flat   D natural   E flat

Below are the piano notes, sheet music and suggested fingerings for the E flat harmonic minor piano scale

E flat harmonic minor piano scale
E flat harmonic minor piano scale

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