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Compton Piano Studio

Piano, Electronic Keyboard and Music Theory Lessons with Piano Teacher Susan Compton, Compton Piano Studio, Warwick, UK

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Learn Piano: Piano Lessons in and around Warwick , Warwickshire with the Compton Piano Studio: 

Warwick Piano Teacher Susan Compton: ABSM Piano Recital, ABSM Keyboard Teaching, Cert.Ed

Piano, Keyboard and Music Theory Lessons

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Compton Piano Studio

I am a pianist and professionally qualified piano, electronic keyboard and music theory teacher and have been offering piano, electronic keyboard and music theory lessons for many years to piano students of all ages in Warwick and the surrounding area of Warwickshire in the UK.

Individually Tailored Piano Lessons

I offer private, one to one, individually tailored piano and/or electronic keyboard lessons to students of all ages (7 years upwards) and abilities and include ear training, general musicianship and music theory tuition for all students.  Music theory is particularly important for those students wishing to move on to the higher practical piano graded exams (Grades 6, 7 and 8) where a Grade 5 music theory pass is a requirement of entry.

Piano Exams or Leisure

I am happy to accept piano students wishing to take ABRSM exams but at the same time equally happy to accept students who are hoping to learn the piano purely for the added joy it can bring to life, whatever your age.  (Please note that electronic keyboard lessons are offered on a leisure basis only)  Whichever road you wish to take, exams or leisure, a reasonable amount of self discipline and commitment will be necessary to make your journey worthwhile.  One half hour lesson each week is just one aspect of that journey.  If you truly wish to communicate musically and express yourself through piano playing, you will need to practise on a regular basis if you wish to reach your desired personal goals.

Regular lessons combined with consistent practice is the Key to Success!

Short Music Theory Course

I also offer a concentrated music theory course and entry for the ABRSM Grade 5 music theory exam for other instrumentalists who feel they might benefit from a little extra help in order to ensure a pass at Grade 5 music theory, a requirement for entry into the higher practical grades.

More Information

If you would like to learn the piano or electronic keyboard and would like more information about piano and keyboard lessons and lesson availability at my studio, Compton Piano Studio, please contact me:


Piano, electronic keyboard and music theory lessons in Warwick, Warwickshire, UK

Piano lessons are particularly convenient for piano, electronic keyboard and music theory students living in the surrounding areas of:  Warwick, Barford, Claverdon, Hatton, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa.

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